Be Ready for Writing Success from the First Week of Kindergarten!

This is what we know for sure! Research into Practice…

Oregon Educators: Join Nellie Edge and a small gathering of friendskindergarten-poetry

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
1:00-3:30 p.m.
1580 Rio Vista Way S., Salem, OR, 97302

This Nellie Edge afternoon seminar is an opportunity to rehearse “best practices,” dialog, and share with others who are motivated to take their kindergarten teaching to a higher level!

Prerequisite: must have studied the 3 Foundational Online Seminars

  • What does the first week (and month) of school look like using these high-impact writing strategies?
  • Why “heart word” sentences are so powerful
  • How to accelerate ABC/Phonics skills
  • Handwriting matters! New research
  • A preview of the next Nellie Edge Online Seminars: “I Can Read” Notebooks, Phonics, and Writing Totes

Limited to 16 educators on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Your only cost is $10 to cover the folder of handouts
  • Bring completed practicum projects and questions!
  • Carpool if possible; fill driveway first.
  • Email or call 503-399-0040 with questions.

Be Ready for Writing Success from the First Week of Kindergarten!

Positive Discipline in Kindergarten: Children Can Choose to Refocus and Change Their Behavior!

Good behavior can and must be taught: This is absolutely the hardest part of teaching to get right!

With Julia Barto and Nellie Edge

Positive Discipline in Kindergarten

Give unconditional positive regard… Believe they will behave… Teach children to work hard and to be kind!

  • Caring is the key to conscious, positive discipline: “Kids don’t care how much you know…unless they know how much you care.” –Madeline Hunter
  • Consider: What are your philosophical assumptions about discipline?
  • How we greet children first thing in the morning and send them out the door at the day’s end builds community.
  • Eliminate multiple warnings and repeated requests: Ask once and get the behavior you want.
  • Meet puppets that teach class management!
  • Raise your behavior expectations!
  • Transform everyday discipline issues into teaching moments.
  • Use American Sign Language (ASL) to calmly and quietly refocus behavior.
  • Learn English/Spanish greeting and farewell songs and rituals that build community, teach kindness and literacy skills.
  • Teach with passion: Manage with compassion!

About Julia Barto

Julia Barto - Positive Discipline in Kindergarten
Julia Barto is a Title 1 kindergarten teacher in Beaverton, Oregon. She believes that for students to be truly productive and engaged, a classroom environment must exist wherein students like their teacher, and think their teacher likes them. We know from research, the most effective educators have healthy, positive teacher-student relationships. Madeline Hunter summed it up best saying, “Kids don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Teachers have to continually communicate to their students that they care, but even with a great student- teacher relationship, she knows student challenges are to be expected.

Julia Barto is a Title 1 kindergarten teacher in Beaverton, Oregon
She believes although we cannot change the factors that cause students to come to us with misbehavior, we can address it and seek to change it. We can help change willful misbehavior through care, consistency, and the systematic teaching of rules, routines, and expectations. Julia teaches you how to intervene early in the cycle of misbehavior to protect your instructional time and energy. She understands teaching is the hardest job in America, and educators are not benefiting from more theoretical professional development.

This training will motivate, renew, inspire, and re-energize educators to continue working hard for their students, and provide them the satisfaction of seeing a nurturing, disciplined, high-achieving classroom.

kindergarten classrooms - Positive Discipline in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core Summer Workshop: Be Ready for the First Week of Full-Day Kindergarten!

Presented by Nellie Edge and Colleagues

Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core

Explore Joyful and Proven Pathways to Narrative, Opinion, and Information Writing

How do we differentiate instruction to simultaneously challenge and support diverse learners within the same kindergarten? How do we teach more intentionally, systematically, and create joyful pathways to the Common Core Standards? Authentic, meaning-centered literacy is the answer.

I love that you connected everything that is so important in the kindergarten to Common Core.

The shared in this institute may be used in tandem with any writing workshop model to dramatically accelerate literacy and to develop kindergartners who take pride in doing quality narrative, opinion, and information writing.

In two days you’ll learn:

Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core Summer Workshop

  • What kindergarten writing standards look like and how to scaffold success for ALL learners.
  • How to talk to young writers and why ALL learners deserve our highest expectation.
  • Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting strategies—and how they help build the reading and writing brain!
  • Multisensory ABC and Phonics Immersion strategiesthat dramatically accelerate learning.
  • Fluency-building strategies with high-frequency "heart words."
  • How to organize and introduce favorite Independent Writing Center Totes.
  • Essential principles of the Writing/Thinking Workshop model: Imagine, plan, rehearse, create, write, and reread.
  • Strategies for teaching children to make three kinds of "Really Cool Books." (You will have samples of these books in your gift folder.)
  • Key principles to organizing writing workshop folders, building Science Notebooks, and implementing Weekend News Journals.
  • How to publish children’s books and honor kindergarten writers: from impromptu celebrations to “sitting in the author’s chair!”
  • Proven strategies for turning kindergartners into researchers who do “really big work.
  • Practical and engaging ways to involve Parents as Partners in providing drawing and writing activities at home.
  • Authentic assessment practices that inform instruction!

See beautiful photo essay: Our 10 Highest-Impact Kindergarten Writing Practices


Excellence in Kindergarten Literacy: High Expectations and Proven Strategies that Honor Childhood!

A practical “in kindergarten” workshop with Katie Nelson and Nellie Edge

Explore Excellence in Kindergarten Literacy: Joyful and Rigourous Learning Honors Childhood!

Katie Nelson’s playful and engaging approach to literacy reflects her deep, knowledge of children, her love of music and language, and her understanding of how research supports a meaning-centered and systematic approach to literacy. With great wisdom and delight, Katie and Nellie will share how to organize the environment and implementA Comprehensive Literacy Model.

In just one day you’ll learn how to:

  • Incorporate “Best Practices”: Name Tickets, Poetry “I Can Read” Folders, Kid Writing, “The Daily 4”, and Literacy Play Centers
  • Use powerful ABC and Phonics Immersion Strategies with Sign Language: Sing, Sign and Read!
  • Set up independent writing and word work centers that differentiate learning.
  • Engage children in memorizing, reciting, and performing songs, poems, and rhymes. Parents love to see their children perform.
  • Creatively engage children with “Just Right: I Can Read” books to build reading motivation, independence, and stamina.
  • Infuse literature, poetry, music, drama, and American Sign Language throughout the curriculum.
  • Multiply your teaching effectiveness with an organized, supportive “Parents as Partners” Program!
  • Use positive discipline and “choice” to develop the “habits of mind” for success in school–and success in life. Understand why “emotional literacy” matters.
  • Use playful, poetic transition activities to take advantage of every teaching moment.

Art-Science-Literacy and the Kindergarten Child  common core state standards

A Saturday Kindergarten Workshop

Presented by Laura Flocker with Nellie Edge facilitating

seminar book

Laura Flocker, a master kindergarten teacher with a background in Reading Recovery® will share her incredible insights into developing a community of kindergartners who see and express themselves as artists and writers from the first days of school. Learn how to organize the art/literacy classroom, discover practical art techniques and the best of art resource materials. Be inspired by Laura’s classroom, which is alive with animals, growing things, science experiments, puppet plays, curious minds and real-life learning experiences.

In just one day you’ll learn how to:

  • How to introduce basic art materials to maximize instruction and minimize mess
  • A year-long guide for teaching and integrating art across the curriculum
  • Teaching children to see like an artist: skills that transfer to science, math, literacy and life
  • Guided art techniques that develop confidence, drawing ability and visual literacy skills
  • Exercises to develop ABC and writing fluency
  • Deep science explorations from nocturnal animals to birds
  • A practical look at how the educational arts enhance the Common Core

Our Uniquely Qualified Presenter, Laura Flocker

Text Box:

Laura Flocker has pursued the artistry of teaching excellence for twenty-nine years. For the past thirteen years, her passion for beginning literacy has focused her energy on kindergarten. She delights in weaving science and art instruction into the curriculum because those subjects allow her to teach students to think, wonder, create, experiment, and play.
Laura Flocker’s experience as an English teacher, her graduate degree in educational administration, and her ongoing professional development as a Reading Recovery® teacher are evident in her keen insight into student learning. Laura’s deep connection to nature, her love of animals, and her passion for the arts infuses everything she teaches. She puts children in charge of their own literate lives as she teaches them about thinking, making choices, and expressing their unique ideas through the arts. Laura’s award-winning website reflects her commitment to both high levels of academic achievement and joy experienced by the children fortunate enough to spend a year with Laura.

Writing to Read in Kindergarten: Growing Engaged and Purposeful Writers Through the Lens of the Common Core State Standards  common core state standards

Presented by award-winning kindergarten teacher Julie Lay, NBCT

Writing to Read in Kindergarten

Discover why the “Kid Writing” approach is such a powerful way to systematically develop phonics skills through journal writing. Use music, art, sign language, and dance for brain-friendly learning across the curriculum.

ebookIn just one day you will:

  • Begin the year with “Kid Writing” and book making
  • Use powerful ABC and phonics immersion strategies
  • Teach high-frequency “heart words”—their way
  • Make interactive word walls
  • Teach handwriting effectively
  • Use ongoing authentic assessment

Begin the Year with “Best Practices” in Joyful Accelerated Kindergarten and Early Literacy common core state standards

Presented by Nellie Edge

Content from this manual will be available as a series of Nellie Edge Online Seminars.


What are the most brain-friendly and engaging literacy strategies we can use to create a joyful and challenging kindergarten?Explore exemplary literacy instruction with Nellie Edge as she inspires you to build the oral language and literacy foundations—honoring research—and honoring childhood.

In just one joyful day, you will:

  • Learn powerful multi sensory ABC and phonics immersion and high-frequency “heart word” strategies—see amazing results.
  • Build reading stamina and independence with quality literature and “Just Right: I Can Read” Books.
  • Engage "Parents as Partners": Simple and practical ways to dramatically multiply your teaching effectiveness.
  • Develop differentiated literacy work centers that support and challenge all learners.
  • Begin and end the day with joyful learning rituals and celebrations—make every moment count.

Nellie Edge Online Seminars: The Foundation

Nellie Edge Resources

The Foundation Online Seminars

Each seminar features one of our highest-impact, proven literacy strategies, all while looking at the deeper learning.

kindergarten classroom ideas

Multisensory ABC Phonics Immersion: Building the Reading Brain

Keep learning active, authentic, and engage all modalities to build the reading brain.

kindergarten-friendly handwriting

Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Matters!

Give children the gift of lifelong habits for legible handwriting beginning with their name.

heart words in the classroom

High-Frequency “Heart Words”

Use music, art, drama, and sign language to enhance children’s intrinsic motivation for learning.

kindergarten classrooms sign language lessons

Take your teaching to a higher level.

All 3 Foundation Seminars include proven strategies and practical literacy tools you can begin using immediately.

Purchase all 3 Seminars for $39 each ($59 Individually)

Your Professional Development just got easier this summer — and all year long!

With on-demand, unlimited access you can start watching now, study over the summer, and review anytime!

  • Each Online Seminar is divided into 6 chapters of practical, targeted content
  • Includes the 100+ page Power Guide: A comprehensive seminar companion with resource connections.

Optional 1-3 Professional Development credits with Seminar-specific practicum projectsRead more


Includes all of the seminar resources, organized and ready to use in your classroom ($159 value).

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