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dramatically improve kindergarten writing skills – sight words are the key

In Nellie Edge Online Seminars teachers will discover how to dramatically improve kindergarten writing skills, sight word sentences with good handwriting and multisensory ABC phonics mastery are the key!

We call sight words “heart words,” because children learn them by heart. We simultaneously teach them using Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting and Multisensory ABC Phonics Immersion. 

This transformative work helps kindergarten teachers bring excitement and delight to their students.

You used such good handwriting to practice those “heart word” sentences. It sure is easy to read your writing. I bet you’re proud of yourself!

Teachers will learn how to:

  • Teach “heart words”
  • Build handwriting and ABC Phonics skills
  • Make learning visible and multisensory
  • Involve Parents as Partners
  • Give children crystal-clear, achievable targets
  • Create a growth mindset and celebrate mastery

A small sampling of the many resources you receive:

  • 129 step-by-step Power Guide pages to organize into a 3-ring resource binder (for each online seminar)
  • Entire 2018 Kindergarten Handwriting Program
  • Pink, purple, yellow, and green “Heart Word” templates for 62 high-frequency words
  • Entire Kindergarten Heart Word Program
  • “Parents as Partners” resources (for each online seminar)
  • 4 large “Heart Words” wall posters
  • Sing, Sign, Spell, and Read! Mp3 and program with spelling and handwriting songs
  • Access to free ABC Phonics YouTube videos

Teachers learn how to rapidly improve writing in their classroom.

Students will be eager to learn. They’ll love writing their heart word sentences!

Sight Words: Learn how to rapidly improve writing in your classroom. Nellie Edge will show you her proven techniques.

Teachers rave about the enthusiasm they see in their classrooms, thanks to Nellie Edge’s methods

Authentic Sight Word Work

Children practice the word “love” for mastery. The “heart word” sentence, “I love you”, is our power sentence.

Teach high-frequency “heart words” and kindergarten-friendly handwriting together to build rapid recall and writing skills.

What new skills will students display when taught these high-impact proven early writing strategies?

little books illustrated
nellie edge kindergarten handwriting lessons

Students will love learning

  • They’ll be delighted with the stories they’ll write and how they decorate the end pages
  • They’ll quickly learn “the” and “the end” with easy-to-learn spelling chants
  • They’ll write 3 powerful sentences with Pink “heart words” early in the year
  • They’ll proudly Sing, Sign, Spell, and Write "heart words" at home and at school
  • Parents will be partners in nightly review
  • They’ll love using the words they’ve learned to make their own books
  • They’ll draw animals and make books with their drawings
  • They’ll learn opinion writing words
  • They’ll understand there are two types of words; words we expect them to know by heart and words they use phonics skills to write

Students will become prolific kindergarten writers. They’ll proudly write and illustrate their own books!

Your students will become prolific kindergarten writers. They’ll proudly write and illustrate their own books!

Preview Nellie Edge teaching L-O-V-E spells LOVE in Chapter 2 of the six.

The online video tutorials are a “forever” resource for teachers. 

What Teachers Are Saying...

I viewed seminar #3 already and loved it! I feel so inspired and I’m excited to go to school and be the best teacher I can be – and to do so as long as I can! –Margaret

I just completed the first seminar. It has been wonderfully done. I truly enjoyed it. –Jeanette

I love my new heart word boards! Today was day 2 of the school year and I did teach the I chant. What a hit - all day the kids were pointing out the word I in every book! –Carrie

You put the fun back in teaching and learning! –Cherie

3 ( 1 hour ) step-by-step video tutorials

Led by renowned early literacy teacher and researcher, Nellie Edge

Hundreds of downloadable templates, posters and teaching materials

See the full list of resources  (including the complete Heart Word and Handwriting programs)

Unlimited Access

Watch, study, and review at your own pace. One-time purchase, all updates included.

Switch between your devices (at school, home, or mobile) without losing your place.

Professional Development

Optional 1 to 3 Professional Development credits available per seminar.

You can take your Professional Development into the classroom with seminar-specific practicum projects. 

Nellie Edge Online Seminars: Spring 2024

All 3 Online Seminars $79!

About Nellie Edge

For more than three decades, Nellie Edge has been teaching and inspiring kindergarten teachers around the globe. Her proven literacy strategies are grounded in evidence-based research. Teachers everywhere have seen higher student achievement and joyful, engaged learners when they’ve followed her proven practices and used her extensive resources.

Watch Nellie teach her High-Frequency heart words chant “the end.” Nellie Edge brings love, joy and laughter, drama, music, and the arts into everything she teaches. Research confirms a young child’s brain learns best with emotional engagement—it’s the key to all-powerful learning.

You can learn these proven strategies with all three of her foundation seminars.

Nellie Edge

Happy faces after Nellie has taught these kindergartners about “There’s an ing in King”

kindergarten classroom word wall

Newly taught “heart words” go up on the Word Wall.