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Emotional Intelligence Matters: Create Nurturing, Empowering, and Joyful Learning Communities

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emotional_coverOver the years, my colleagues and I at Nellie Edge Seminars, have shared many vignettes of memorable literacy rituals, traditions and celebrations. For us, school has always been a “celebrative place.” We delight in making each child’s learning experience more memorable and meaningful through thoughtful attention to joyful, accelerated literacy strategies. Emotional Intelligence Matters! documents some of the “best practices” that our accomplished colleagues have used to build a thriving community of learners.

We believe that in order for all children to reach high academic levels, we must create a classroom community that reinforces the belief that I can learn; that provides personally meaningful experiences so each child feels I care about learning; and that gives the child the security and confidence of knowing that I belong. Becoming and ambitious reader, writer, and self-directed student is supported by a rich social context for learning.

The Magic of Signing Songs: Enhancing All Children's Language and Literacy
Vol. 1

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American Sign Language Guide, Anthology Pages, and DVD

Magic of Signing

Songs Include:
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,
Happy Birthday, The Traditional ABC Song, You Are My Sunshine,
May There Always Be Sunshine,
I Think You're Wonderful,
I Love The Mountains, (Amo Los Montes), Five Little Monkeys, Goodnight Irene (Buenas Noches Irene), Rainbow 'Round Me,
I Have A Cat (Yo Tengo Un Gato),
I Can Read Colors (Se Leer Colores),
Sign to Me, Sing Your Way Home


children learn to sign

The Magic of Signing Songs: Enhancing All Children's Language and Literacy
Vol. 2

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American Sign Language Guide, Anthology Pages, and DVD

Magic of SigningSongs Include:
Hola Mis Amigos/Hello My Friend, What a Wonderful World,
Pledge of Allegiance,
America the Beautiful,
See Me Beautiful
, ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read,The More We Get Together (with variations),
This Land is Your Land,
L-O-V-E Spells Love,
M-O-M Spells Mom

Parents as Partners in Kindergarten and Early Literacy: Family Connections that Multiply Our Teaching Effectiveness


Newly updated Manual – now with CD

Parents as Partners in Kindergarten and Early LiteracyCreate a supportive “parents as partners” program with easy-to-implement strategies that will make a powerful difference in each child’s language and literacy development, social skills, and love of learning.

This engaging and practical 277-page literacy manual includes meaningful family involvement activities, delightful photo essays inside beautiful kindergarten classrooms, parent letters, and favorite resources. It compliments the philosophy and practices detailed in the book Celebrate Language and Accelerate Literacy: High Expectations • Joyful Learning • Proven Strategies, by Nellie Edge. Though we have not completely polished every page of this literacy manual, our kindergarten colleagues consider it a valued resource.

“We have a covenant with parents that says we jointly share the responsibility for teaching your child.” ~Ernest Boyer

Celebrate Language and Accelerate Literacy: High Expectations • Joyful Learning • Proven Strategies


Updated Literacy Manual available in October

celebrate_coverMeeting the Challenge of High Common Core State Standards

If you are unable to attend one of Nellie Edge’s joyful seminars, we can send you a copy of this beautiful and practical kindergarten guide today. It features 281 pages of proven strategies with 20 engaging, full color pages. This book reflects 25 years of early literacy research and gleans the best practices for accelerating early literacy from master Northwest kindergarten teachers. These are joyful strategies that teachers love, children love, and parents love!  These strategies produce high student engagement and high literacy achievement.

Music is Magic Book and CD

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Music is Magic by Nellie Edge

Childhood is for language, music, and love! Nellie Edge’s experience sharing music with her own daughters led to her popular Musical Parenting classes and the development of this book. For babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, these simple and playful songs not only support the language learning process but provide childhood bonding rituals. You can easily incorporate these traditional songs, chants, and rhymes into your children’s lives, building oral language proficiency, teaching basic movement concepts, and encouraging creative expression and playfulness.

Research documents that “rhymers are readers.” These Mother Goose nursery rhymes and simple melodies inspire parents and teachers of the young to build their literacy foundation while they explore music in new ways. Most importantly, this book is irresistibly fun! While you clap, sway, and bounce with your children into the heart of these melodies, you are developing the reading brain.

Throughout Music Is Magic for Your Child and You! Nellie invites children to adapt and personalize these rhymes whether at home or in the early childhood classroom, naturally building the memories of childhood.

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