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Teach Writing-to-Read Heart Words: Sing, Sign, Spell, and Read!

June 24, 2024

Learn heart word songs and chants on Nellie Edge YouTube channel Songs and chants build oral language fluency Build circles of writing mastery Children memorize, recite, illustrate, and read their “I Can Read” Poetry Notebook pages YouTube instructional videos from Nellie Edge Online Seminar #3 Learn more about Writing-to-Read Heart Words Curriculum on TPT Download […]

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Did You Miss Any of These Nellie Edge End-of-School Year Blogs?

June 11, 2024

 We love to search Pinterest for the best kindergarten writing and early learning resources we can find to share with you our Nellie Edge seminar participants and online friends.

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Popular FREEBIES on Nellie Edge TPT

June 4, 2024

Kids in the Kitchen Sample Recipes: Use these simple, fully illustrated children’s recipes in your classroom for hands-on experiences in science, vocabulary learning, reading, and math. Send the recipes home: What a delightful way to learn! (From best-selling cookbook) Mother Goose Rhymes: Use these delightfully illustrated blackline masters of nursery rhymes to immerse children in […]

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Build Family Memories: Summer Homework? Summer Fun!

May 29, 2024

Keep your family learning projects joyful, active, meaningful, and real. Keep the love of learning alive during the summer. Make Homework Fun by Nellie Edge

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End-of-Year Family Fun and Picnic at the Park

May 22, 2024

Over the years, I have documented the work of accomplished public school kindergarten teachers. We share a vision of making school a celebrative place and involving families as partners in joyful, authentic teaching and learning.

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Great Summer k-1 Reading: Inspiring Free e-Books!

May 15, 2024

Download your favorite now! Happy reading!  1. How to Turn ALL Kindergartners into Motivated, Engaged Writers In this 41 page eBook you find a comprehensive kindergarten writing framework with 10 high-impact writing strategies that may be used in tandem with any writing workshop model to dramatically accelerate literacy and develop kindergarten writers and illustrators.  2. […]

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Kids in the Kitchen cookbook by Nellie Edg

Kindergartners LOVE to Cook! (Guest Blog)

May 6, 2024

The first fully illustrated kids’ cookbook-over 150,000 copies sold   Cooking with children-at home or in the classroom-is a messy, awkward, time-consuming venture…and worth EVERY minute of it!  Hi! My name is Cindy Ulshafer. I was flattered when Nellie asked me to be a guest blogger. We work together in her office and swap stories […]

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10 Favorite Kindergarten FREEBIES on TPT

April 29, 2024

These quality resources now include lessons, best practices, and authentic kindergarten writing and art samples—and there are more coming!

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Publish Children’s Books and Celebrate Young Authors

April 22, 2024

Publish Children’s Books and Celebrate Young Authors: This is one of the best things we can do to build an “I can do it” mindset!

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How Do Master Kindergarten Teachers Close the Reading Achievement Gap over the Summer?

April 16, 2024

Updated April 2024 10 Tips for Success: Kindergarten Book Lovers Keep Reading All Summer Long! Resources for summer learning! Photos used with permission from parents and educators Powerful kindergarten literacy gains can easily be lost over the summer, especially by our emerging readers and writers who are still building foundational literacy skills.  Wise kindergarten teachers […]

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Glimpses from Joyful Kindergartens

Building End-of-Year Memories

April 10, 2024

Updated April 2024 Delightful K-1 Celebrations to End Your Year We are responsible for the memories of childhood! Photos used with permission of parents and educators Children come to school with diverse background experiences. It is the stories we tell, the songs we sing, and the traditions we build that bind the children together emotionally […]

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April Poetry and Weather Connections

March 25, 2024

“Poetry is a rhythmical piece of writing that leaves the reader feeling that life is a little richer than before, a little more full of wonder, beauty, or just plain delight.” – Eileen Fisher The Earth Is Wet: Celebrate Every Season with Poetry FREE SONG DOWNLOAD HERE! The Earth Is Wet The earth is wet. […]

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Bring Planning and Passion to Kindergarten Round-Up

March 19, 2024

 We love to search Pinterest for the best kindergarten writing and early learning resources we can find to share with you our Nellie Edge seminar participants and online friends.

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Kindergarten Writing Workshop and Independent Writing Centers All Year Long

7 Best Practices in Early Writing (K-1) and FREE eBook

March 13, 2024

Fingerspelling helps the brain remember letters and sounds: It becomes the memory hook to ABC/Phonics mastery. Fingerspelling will enhance the effectiveness of any ABC/Phonics program.

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Family Learning Calendar and FREEBIE

March 4, 2024

Give Families Actionable Resources to Support Literacy Let your monthly calendar be a gentle reminder for families to sing, talk, dance, and read with their children every day. Tell stories Explore nature Memorize and recite rhymes Talk about “kindergarten kindness” Develop social emotional and self-help skills Our work in establishing and supporting meaningful family learning […]

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