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Teach Writing-to-Read Heart Words: Sing, Sign, Spell, and Read!

Learn heart word songs and chants on Nellie Edge YouTube channel Songs and chants build oral language fluency Build circles of writing mastery Children memorize, recite, illustrate, and read their “I Can Read” Poetry Notebook pages YouTube instructional videos from Nellie Edge Online Seminar #3 Learn more about Writing-to-Read Heart Words Curriculum on TPT Download […]

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Nellie Edge Online Seminars videos

Includes Preview Videos:
• Multisensory ABC and Phonics Immersion
• Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting
• Authentic Sight Word Work

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Kid Writing Instructional Videos

Includes 3 Instructional Videos with Julie Lay:
• Kid Writing Workshop Videos 1
• Kid Writing Workshop Videos 2
• Kid Writing Workshop Videos 3

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Favorite ASL Songs

Includes 4 ASL Instructional Videos:
• Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
• Hola Mis Amigos/Hello My Friends
• The Pledge of Allegiance

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Dance and Sing Instructional Videos

Includes 2 videos with Kathie Bridges:
• With Happy Hearts We Sing and Dance
• Kindergarten Year-End Rap

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Playing with Phonics Instructional Videos

Includes 2 videos with Diane Bonica:
• The “Silent E” Man Song
• Welcome to Kindergarten Puppet Magic: Meet Rulee

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Nellie Edge Read and Sing Big Book™ Songs

Includes 2 ASL Instructional Videos:
• I Love the Mountains/Amo Los Montes
• The More We Get Together/Entre Mas Nos Reunimos

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ASL Instructional Video – “Heart Word” Songs

Includes 2 ASL Instructional Videos:
• L-o-v-e Spells Love
• M-O-M Spells Mom

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Glimpses of Student-Led Parent Conferences

Glimpses of Student-Led Parent Conferences:
• This video clip was filmed during Spring student-led parent conferences in Lisa Young’s Title 1 Kindergarten

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ABC Phonics Sing, Sign and Read! Instruction ASL Videos

Includes 3 ASL Instructional Videos:
• ABC Phonics Song – Full ASL Song Tutorial
• ASL Letters and Sounds Tutorial
• ASL Letters and Symbols Tutorial

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