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Kindergarten Writing Seminar workshop for Professional Development

Grow Your Kindergarten Writers!
Summer Writing Institute

Presented by award-winning
kindergarten teachers, researchers, and authors Nellie Edge and Julie Lay


"Outstanding—Best I’ve ever been to in 35 years!"
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"Magical. Absolutely sensational…so from the heart!"
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Nellie Edge Kindergarten Cadre Scholarships available for NBCTs Reading Recovery® Teachers, Literacy Coaches, and Mentor Kindergarten Teachers

who have studied kindergarten writing with Nellie Edge

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“Nellie Edge Seminars helped mold me into the accomplished teacher I am today. I became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher because of the type of classroom and teaching style I have. I wouldn’t have this style without Nellie Edge!”
–Katy Anholt, NBCT

Complimentary Baritone Ukulélé lessons are a part of our Summer Celebrations: Take your musical teaching to a higher level! Join us in Oregon and Washington. (Lessons are limited to the first 10 teachers who preregister)
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During This Professional Development You Will Learn:

Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core Summer Workshop

  • How to raise your expectations and teach joyfully.
  • What kindergarten writing standards look like and how to scaffold success for ALL learners.
  • How to talk to young writers and why ALL learners deserve our highest expectation. •
  • Fluency-building strategies with high-frequency "heart words" and sentences.
  • How to organize and introduce favorite Independent Writing Center Totes.

“We can choose to spoon-feed our children or we can teach them to be independent, self-regulated learners.”  - NE

  • Essential components of a Comprehensive Writing Workshop Model with a rich oral language foundation.
  • Strategies for teaching children to make three kinds of "Really Cool Books." (You will have samples of these books in your gift folder.)
  • How to use mentor texts, poetry, and songs to build oral language patterns for narrative, opinion, and information writing.
  • Key principles to organizing writing workshop folders, creating Science Notebooks, and implementing Weekend News Journals.
  • How to publish children’s books and honor kindergarten writers: from impromptu celebrations to “sitting in the author’s chair!”
  • Proven strategies for turning kindergartners into researchers who do “really big work.”
  • Practical and engaging ways to involve Parents as Partners in providing drawing and writing activities at home.
  • Authentic assessment practices that inform instruction!

"Superb! The most useful and practical seminar I have had in over 20+ years.
It takes the scare out of the Common Core."

"…the most engaging and informative seminar I have ever been to."
See evaluations

Your registration includes writing supports
to make proven writing practices routine in your classroom!

A Teacher’s Power Guide: Nellie’s step-by-step presentation

A Teacher’s Power Guide: Nellie’s step-by-step presentation

The essential templates you need to create 4 independent writing totes

The essential templates you need to create 5 independent writing centers

gift folder

Gift Folder (anthologies, drawing templates, book making samples)


Principals (or Literacy Coaches) Attend Free!

Principals (or literacy coaches) attend free when accompanied by 4 or more teachers from their school.

After registering your group email us with your name, title, and school district.


Can't Attend? Study with Nellie Edge Online Seminars...

Nellie Edge Online Seminars: Spring 2024

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