Your Colleagues Evaluate this Kindergarten Writing Seminar:

Joyful Pathways to the Common Core

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Salem October Seminar 2014

  • The best seminar I’ve ever attended!! I have been looking forward to this seminar for weeks. Crystal Nelson, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • I loved the embracing attitude toward Common Core—authentic and NOT another “STANDARDIZED/SANITIZED” perspective. Brook Steussy-Edfeldt, pre-K, WA
  • Absolutely perfect for kindergarten teachers. I appreciated the authenticity of student writing, samples. Erika Kunders, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • Wow! Amazing!!! Loved EVERYTHING Nastalia Raines, kindergarten, OR
  • I’ve always loved learning more about making learning more quality and meaningful from you. Shelly Jackson, kindergarten, OR
  • Amazing as always Nellie!! Shanda Lung, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • It was wonderful, just like the first one I attended 7 years ago. Joy Clydesdale, Salem, OR
  • Thank you for reminding me of the important things children need. Karen Short, all-day kindergarten, OR
  • I love the suggested timeline for lessons/skills (so valuable). Cortnie Geringer, kindergarten, WA
  • I love that you connected everything that is so important in the kindergarten to Common Core. Jennifer Bethers, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • Powerful and highest standards for all kindergarten students. Donna Nguyen, kindergarten, OR
  • Truly wonderful! The most applicable PD I’ve had. Dani Ward, kindergarten, WA
  • The best joyful approach to writing! Cathy Griswold, kindergarten, OR
  • It’s such a privilege to be able to spend a whole day learning new kindergarten practices and having time to work with fellow kindergarten teachers from all over the country! Thank you, Nellie, for all the work you’ve done to align the CCSS with the best kindergarten practices. It was very encouraging to know that we can accommodate the CCSS and still keep the joy in kindergarten. Thank you for making the transition to CCSS a little easier! Celeste Starr, kindergarten, Salem, OR
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  • I love that you connected everything that is so important in the kining
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    Joyful Pathways to the Common Core