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Joyful Pathways to the Common Core

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Salem October Seminar 2014

  • The best seminar I’ve ever attended!! I have been looking forward to this seminar for weeks. Crystal Nelson, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • I loved the embracing attitude toward Common Core—authentic and NOT another “STANDARDIZED/SANITIZED” perspective. Brook Steussy-Edfeldt, pre-K, WA
  • Absolutely perfect for kindergarten teachers. I appreciated the authenticity of student writing, samples. Erika Kunders, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • Wow! Amazing!!! Loved EVERYTHING Nastalia Raines, kindergarten, OR
  • I’ve always loved learning more about making learning more quality and meaningful from you. Shelly Jackson, kindergarten, OR
  • Amazing as always Nellie!! Shanda Lung, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • It was wonderful, just like the first one I attended 7 years ago. Joy Clydesdale, Salem, OR
  • Thank you for reminding me of the important things children need. Karen Short, all-day kindergarten, OR
  • I love the suggested timeline for lessons/skills (so valuable). Cortnie Geringer, kindergarten, WA
  • I love that you connected everything that is so important in the kindergarten to Common Core. Jennifer Bethers, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • Powerful and highest standards for all kindergarten students. Donna Nguyen, kindergarten, OR
  • Truly wonderful! The most applicable PD I’ve had. Dani Ward, kindergarten, WA
  • The best joyful approach to writing! Cathy Griswold, kindergarten, OR
  • It’s such a privilege to be able to spend a whole day learning new kindergarten practices and having time to work with fellow kindergarten teachers from all over the country! Thank you, Nellie, for all the work you’ve done to align the CCSS with the best kindergarten practices. It was very encouraging to know that we can accommodate the CCSS and still keep the joy in kindergarten. Thank you for making the transition to CCSS a little easier! Celeste Starr, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • Great as usual…inspiring and refreshing. Betsy Miller, kindergarten, OR
  • Super excellent! Deanna Hayworth, kindergarten, OR
  • I have been teaching for 12 years. The mentor teachers around me have always treated any “Nellie Edge” materials as gold. I did not understand why, but figured they had knowledge I didn’t. In my growth over the years and now finally attending a conference…I get it! Wonderful! Teresa Page, kindergarten, OR
  • It’s the best that I’ve been to—so MUCH to reflect on. Ruth Bollen, first grade, Salem, OR
  • The best seminar that I know that when I leave I can use everything I learned! Shabri Vignery, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • Great! Third time at Nellie’s seminars and it just gets better. It’s beneficial to repeat. Kelsey Smith, full-day kindergarten, OR
  • I’ve taken the seminar multiple times and I always go home with new ideas. Having time to explore the many samples is wonderful. Laura Flocker, kindergarten, Salem, OR
  • Awesome PowerPoint booklet and examples! Love everything! I can’t wait to take this information back to my classroom. Kimberly Jones, pre-K, OR
  • Nellie has so many wise tidbits to share:  She reminds us that "CCSS is a spiraling of skills that children get to revisit year after year." She demonstrates how writing is authentic and it turns the ownership over to the kids. Katie Nelson, kindergarten, Salem, OR

Portland Summer Seminar 2014

  • This is my 3rd time taking this class, my 7th Nellie Edge seminar altogether. Thank you. I’ve grown because of you, and my students too! – Deb Bartram, kindergarten, Washington
  • The most elaborate, well-explained, research-based, passionate workshop…incredible! I especially appreciated the cross-over the speech-language research and strategies. – Ethel Langhofer, kindergarten, Alberta, Canada
  • I LOVED it…I could listen to Nellie all day! – Amy Anderson, PreK/kindergarten, Oregon
  • Such a joy to have you celebrate how I know children learn. Just a wonderful positive seminar! You make me inspired to start the new year! – Terry Yi, kindergarten, Washington
  • I loved that you have samples for parents to be involved in the classroom. – Kristina Porter, kindergarten, Oregon
  • Simply amazing! – Heather Yarbrough, instructional coach, Idaho
  • Excellent! 4th Nellie Seminar in 20 years and still learning and loving it! – Mary Gilman, preK/kindergarten, Washington
  • I love how all of the information is current and relevant to today’s students and the standards they need to meet.
    – Jane Delamarter, kindergarten, Idaho
  • After a challenging year last year, I now feel enthusiastic about August and September.
    – Mary-Margaret Stockert, kindergarten, Oregon
  • The set up made things easily accessible and the presenter obviously enjoyed the subject matter!
    – Ann Berry, PreK, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • I especially appreciated this well-designed, well-run seminar that validated me as a teacher and my beliefs—solid research-based reasons for doing these fun things! – Elaine Soulagnet, kindergarten, Oregon
  • It was far beyond my expectations! – Jessica Queener, second grade, Oregon
  • I thought it was amazing! – Tracy Schmitt, kindergarten, Washington

Boston Seminar 2013

  • Outstanding – best I’ve ever been to in 35 years. – Margaret Maurano, Massachusetts
  • Plus, plus, plus! Fabulous – the best ever! – Anne Barr, New Hampshire
  • One of the best I’ve ever been to. Thank you for coming East! – Cecilia Doyle, Massachusetts
  • Unbelievable! Amazing! I especially appreciated the authentic student samples. – Zelma Rivera, New Jersey
  • So thorough and meaningful! I especially appreciated your gentle way, Nellie! I could have listened to you all day! I feel so energized and excited to try these things!! – Stefanie, Bowen, Massachusetts
  • Please come back to Boston! I have been a longtime fan – loved this workshop! Fabulous! Great job! Inspirational!
    – Lanie Lacourse, New Hampshire
  • Thank you for all the info – super powerful! Awesome – thank you for coming to the East Coast! – Judy Olson, Connecticut
  • Especially appreciated Nellie’s genuine love and appreciation of children! That’s what inspires us to grow!
    – Sally Welch, New Hampshire
  • Excellent, purposeful CORE knowledge to impart… – Lauren Kennedy, Massachusetts
  • I can’t wait to teach the “Because” song. – Janice Vinci, Massachusetts
  • This was one of the best, most engaging and informative seminars I have ever been to. – Heidi Rubenstein, Massachusetts
  • I have been waiting for a very long time for you to come East. The seminar FAR exceeded my expectations!
    – Paula Borochoff, Vermont
  • Thank you so much for encouraging us to pursue excellence. – Anne Spont, Massachusetts
  • So many practical ideas that can be modified further for my severe special education kindergarten and pre-K students.
    – Jeannine Stanley, Massachusetts
  • Thank you for reinvigorating best practices in kindergarten. Please come East again! – Susan Witman, New Jersey
  • Especially appreciated authentic learning and joy! – Laurie Bolotin, Vermont
  • I loved seeing the songs and learning more about sign language. I loved it! – Mala Starcevic, New York
  • So appreciated the visual displays of all content covered and hands-on opportunities to create and do! – Kelly Williams, Maine
  • …samples of tote stations, all the free stuff, and YOUR BOOK!! – Valerie Kosednar, Vermont

California Seminar 2013

  • Very informative, inspiring, and attainable. Thank you for reminding me why this profession is my passion and why I am honored to call myself part of the “K” team. – Elizabeth Lowy, kindergarten
  • Awesome!! Thanks for coming to California. Come back every year. I appreciated the realistic views about kinders, what they can do if we challenge them and take away the fluff. – Debbie Jones, kindergarten
  • Wonderful! Best seminar I’ve been to in years! – Jennifer Hopping, kindergarten
  • The text is beautifully scaffolded – a fine guide. The seminar was magical! – Carla Hanson, literacy coach
  • Wonderful, but all too short! You have put the FUN back in learning and teaching. – Cherie Donahue, teacher and principal
  • Nellie’s book is the best conference resource I have every received. Nellie is so generous with her materials. She really has teachers in her best interest! – Kim Gerould, K-2 teacher
  • Nellie Edge inspires me to be a better teacher! She has a spirit and love for teaching that is obvious and contagious! Sonya Smith, kindergarten
  • I love the rubber band books and cannot wait to try them and the folded books too! – Wendi Foote, kindergarten
  • EXCELLENT! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for the last 15 years! – Nancy Withem, transitional kindergarten/combo
  • I love the “heart words” and the way you used them in writing, and appreciated the Stamp and Read books.
    – Suzanne Feblowitz, kindergarten
  • I loved the Yearlong Overview and the meaning-centered activities! I first attended a Nellie Edge conference over 20 years ago, and every time I pull out or use anything Nellie Edge, the children always engage with it immediately. Thank you! – Angela Samsel, kindergarten
  • FANTASTIC! I especially appreciated the parent support, honoring children—so much fabulous info! – Alisa DeLeo, kindergarten
  • Amazing, inspiring, helpful, HOPEFUL! – Shannon Nelson, kindergarten
  • I especially appreciated all of the samples to look at…the generosity of the free materials. – Annette Rowsey, K-2
  • Nellie Edge, you are my hero—you are my inspiration—my kindergarten Mary Poppins! – Katherine Welcomer, kindergarten

Previous Writing Seminar Evaluations

  • Awesome! So worth the trip from Kansas! - Sheri Galliart, kindergarten
  • This was amazing! Nellie is the best. – Kristi Steltenberg, kindergarten
  • Phenomenal! Can’t wait to implement tomorrow! – Kayla Rivas, kindergarten
  • Thank you for renewing my enthusiasm for kindergarten teaching! – Mary Tatarsky, kindergarten
  • The seminar was energetic, lively and framed in that captivating Nellie Edge inspiration that fills up the soul! – Janet Newton, kindergarten
  • Outstanding! Captivating! I was brought to tears at several points. Thank you for inspiring me to bring more joy into my 1st gradeclassroom. Megan Cooley, 1st grade
  • High expectations combined with joy! – Jen Miller, kindergarten
  • Magnificent! – Kari Lanham, kindergarten
  • Just keep doing what you’re doing – you are 1 in a million, an awesome “young” educator to look up to and emulate! – Lin Riggio, kindergarten, 43 years
  • Priceless! – Jacqueline Duyck, kindergarten
  • This is my second Nellie Edge in 2 years! I am such a fan. Nellie = HIGH QUALITY. Great work! Jen Hunt, kindergarten
  • “Superb! The most useful and practical seminar I have had in over 20+ years. It takes the scare out of the Common Core...Thank you for your special gift to kindergarten teachers, students, and parents.” –Shari Pelella, kindergarten teacher, April 27, 2013
  • “This was top notch learning! Thanks for inspiring kindergarten teachers with Common Core, current research with real kids! Most of all for bringing joy in teaching!” –Carolyn Garton, kindergarten teacher, April 13, 2013
  • “AMAZING! WONDERFUL! INSPIRATIONAL! Thank you for sharing everything with such a warm and full heart!!!” –Corinne Vaughn, kindergarten teachers, April 13, 2013 Best ever! So many child-centered activities!  Nancy Howard – kindergarten
  • The spark and warmth Nellie brings to early learning and sharing her wealth of knowledge is so incredibly inspiring!”     Corinne Pulham—kindergarten
  • It was everything I hoped!  I am grateful to have the book/handouts/online resources! I couldn’t possible remember everything.  It was wonderful to make the skinny books and rubber band books.”  Kirsten Long—kindergarten
  • It was fabulous!  I especially appreciated the hands-on exposure and music.”
    Amanda Cregan—kindergarten and 6,7,8
  • “Wonderful ideas, enthusiasm, and practicality!”   Kerri Heltzel—kindergarten
  • “It is encouraging to see creative play, block centers, and painting still taking place in the kindergarten environment.  I appreciated the opportunity to see and do the literacy centers in the totes.”     Shelley Fuller—kindergarten
  • “Time well spent! I especially appreciated listening/music/poetrya joy to listen to all day and the resources are plentiful.  I can’t wait to implement!”    Kelly Troike—kindergarten
  • Positive, inspiring,uplifting!”     Meghan Harrison—kindergarten & first grade
  • This seminar was inspirational!  I especially appreciated the resource book, mini workshops, Nellie’s genuine love for children and kindergarten friendly approach.”    Andrea Franklund—kindergarten
  • “I really appreciated the many, many pictures, PowerPoint, and literacy manual.”
    Sara White—kindergarten
  • “Well done! Thank you for the on-going, loving inspiration. I love how you’ve reached out to teachers.  I love all the information in your book and the demonstration of sign language.”
    Sarah Shumate—reading teacher
  •  “I especially appreciated the connection of the PowerPoint pages to the text and the huge amount of free materials.”    Pat Ozenna—kindergarten & first grade
  • One wish? To take Nellie with me to my classroom!”   Raye Murphy—kindergarten
  • This was awesome! I learned so much and had a major shift in my thinking. Allison Suarez – kindergarten
  • Resources at my fingertips—thank you! Andrea Sims - kindergarten
  • Just what every kindergarten teacher needs to attend! – Pam Nichols, kindergarten
  • I wish I had a magic wand to do it all on Monday! J - Denise Kennedy, kindergarten
  • Excellent, encouraging, and so practical!– Robyn Chambers, first grade
  • I have never received so much valuable information in a single day seminar. Mrs. Edge is energy packed and “wealthy” with information – Janet Newton, Kindergarten, WA
  • Wonderful! I feel as inspired as I did when I took a Nellie Edge seminar back in 1988! - Mairin Wilson, Kindergarten, OR
  • Terrific – will recommend seminars to others – Priscilla Goulding, Special Education K-12, AK
  • What else do your colleagues say?
    “Magical” Absolutely sensational! – Excellent—so from the heart! – Very powerful and over the top with ideas! Connection to Common Core Standards!

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