Instructional Videos

ASL, Kid Writing Workshop, and more ...

Nellie Edge Online Seminars videos

Includes Preview Videos:
• Multisensory ABC and Phonics Immersion
• Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting
• Authentic Sight Word Work

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Kid Writing Instructional Videos

Includes 3 Instructional Videos with Julie Lay:
• Kid Writing Workshop Videos 1
• Kid Writing Workshop Videos 2
• Kid Writing Workshop Videos 3

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Favorite ASL Songs

Includes 4 ASL Instructional Videos:
• Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
• Hola Mis Amigos/Hello My Friends
• The Pledge of Allegiance

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Dance and Sing Instructional Videos

Includes 2 videos with Kathie Bridges:
• With Happy Hearts We Sing and Dance
• Kindergarten Year-End Rap

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Playing with Phonics Instructional Videos

Includes 2 videos with Diane Bonica:
• The “Silent E” Man Song
• Welcome to Kindergarten Puppet Magic: Meet Rulee

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Nellie Edge Read and Sing Big Book™ Songs

Includes 2 ASL Instructional Videos:
• I Love the Mountains/Amo Los Montes
• The More We Get Together/Entre Mas Nos Reunimos

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ASL Instructional Video – “Heart Word” Songs

Includes 2 ASL Instructional Videos:
• L-o-v-e Spells Love
• M-O-M Spells Mom

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Glimpses of Student-Led Parent Conferences

Glimpses of Student-Led Parent Conferences:
• This video clip was filmed during Spring student-led parent conferences in Lisa Young’s Title 1 Kindergarten

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ABC Phonics Sing, Sign and Read! Instruction ASL Videos

Includes 3 ASL Instructional Videos:
• ABC Phonics Song – Full ASL Song Tutorial
• ASL Letters and Sounds Tutorial
• ASL Letters and Symbols Tutorial

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