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Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core Program

Purchase the complete Kindergarten Writing Program or individual items including the package of 250 Writing Templates and Gift Folder.

Nellie Edge Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core Program
word stamp sets

Choose from 6 and 30-Word Stamp Sets, ABC and Animal Stamp Sets and the I Can Read. Listen to Me. Stamp.

Provide Active, Motivating Word Work: Make Stamp and Read “Skinny Books”!

I Can Read. Listen to Me. Stamp
Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting, Phonics, and Word Work
  • Teachers' Guide
  • 40 pages of large group lessons, parent information, handwriting chants, drawing templates, and assessment pages
  • 30-page a-z student writing templates
  • Little Books ...
Sing, Sign, Spell, and Read!
32 high-frequency “heart word” songs and chants
  • CD of 32 high-frequency “heart word” songs and chants, “I Can Read” anthology pages, and word/fingerspelling models.
  • Dramatically accelerate learning. Teachers have permission to make multiple copies of the CD for family use.
Sing, Sign, Spell, and Read!
Nellie Edge Read and Sing Big Books™

Choose from 15 popular 11" x 17"  full-color English Big Books and 4 Spanish Big Books.

Nellie Edge Read and Sing Spanish Big Books™
Guided Reading Book Sets

Choose from 2 Guided Reading Book Sets, containing a set of 7 each. 

Guided Reading Book Sets
Parents as Partners in Kindergarten and Early Literacy

Nellie Edge Literacy Manuals and Sign Language DVDs

  • Celebrate Language and Accelerate Literacy
  • Emotional Intelligence Matters
  • The Magic of Signing Songs
  • Parents as Partners in Kindergarten and Early Literacy
Magic of Signing
Music is Magic
  • Music is Magic in Developing Literacy!
  • Music is Magic for Teaching Spanish
  • In Celebration of Spanish Folk Songs
Spanish Folk Songs
Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook, by Nellie Edge

Featuring Kids in the Kitchen (a.k.a. Kindergarten Cooks). This best-selling children's cookbook features written symbols directly related to pictures so children can read their own recipes.


Make These Practices Routine in Your Classroom

Study with Nellie Edge Online Seminars

Your Professional Development just got easier!

3 Seminars for $39 each ($59 Individually)

With on-demand, unlimited access you can study at your own pace.

  • Each seminar is divided into chapters of practical, targeted content
  • Each includes a 100+ page Teachers' Power Guide: A comprehensive seminar companion
  • Optional 1-3 Professional Development credits with Seminar-specific practicum projects.

Includes all your resources, organized for the classroom.

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