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teaching pencil grip

Weekly Focus: Ten Tips for Teaching Handwriting Grip

May 30, 2016

Two of the foundation skills for kindergarten teachers to introduce during the first busy weeks of school are good handwriting grip and efficient name writing. 1. Determine a child’s handedness. Ask parents. Watch the child with manipulative toys. Notice which hand the child uses to pick up crayons or small pencils. Help parents understand that […]

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teaching kindergarteners to read - Nellie Edge Big Books™

How Do Master Kindergarten Teachers Close the Reading Achievement Gap over the Summer?

May 10, 2016

Kindergarten Book Lovers Keep Reading for Family Fun All Summer Long! Powerful kindergarten literacy gains can easily be lost over the summer, especially by our emerging readers and writers who are still building foundational literacy skills.  Wise kindergarten teachers have developed strategies to continue supporting family reading fun over the summer. Invite children to recite […]

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Glimpses from Joyful Kindergartens

5 Simple and Delightful Kindergarten Rituals to End Your Year

May 3, 2016

Bring Closure to the Learning Community: Glimpses from Joyful Kindergartens Children come to school with diverse background experiences. It is the stories we tell, the songs we sing, and the traditions we build that bind the children together emotionally and intellectually, creating an optimal climate for learning, both social and academic. Over the Years My […]

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