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Choosing Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core

Choosing Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core

September 1, 2016

Thank You for Choosing Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core: Joyful Pathways to Accelerated Literacy. The program includes Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core manual, a package of 250 blackline templates, and the CD of these templates in color

You asked for a management guide and we listened! This now includes a CCSS progression overview and a yearlong overview of essential, authentic literacy lessons.

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Create a Beautiful, Organized, and Joyful Community of Learners

September 4, 2016

Posted by Nellie Edge on August 11, 2016 Once you get the community right, the levels of learning soar. – Ralph Peterson The continuing blog series featuring models of excellence in “Growing Kindergarten Writers” through Joyful Pathways to the Common Core How do we create a high-achieving community of engaged and purposeful writers? We start with nurturing […]

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Talking to Kindergartners about Their Writing

August 25, 2016

Posted by Nellie Edge on August 25, 2016 (Originally posted on February 21, 2014) Our language helps build the positive emotional climate where children grow as writers and illustrators and take pride in doing quality work. Our words help build a “growth mindset” so that young children know they can teach their brains anything! To […]

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Excellence in Kindergarten Literacy: An Oregon Full-Day Kindergarten Model

December 9, 2014

Posted by Nellie Edge on December 9, 2014 Our Children Deserve High Expectations with Proven Strategies That Honor Childhood! Enjoy Glimpses of Life Inside Kindergarten with Katie Nelson… Building a community of engaged and purposeful readers, writers, thinkers, and friends means we must keep learning real and connected to the children’s lives. Once you get […]

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Kindergarten–Friendly Handwriting Matters!

March 12, 2016

If good handwriting motions are not automatic, it interferes with the whole writing process.

A multisensory, integrated approach to handwriting is the most time-efficient, and brain-friendly way we know of to plant lifelong habits for good handwriting in kindergarten. Now that ambitious kindergarten writing expectations is the foundation for the rigorous K-12 Common Core Writing Standards, it is vital that kindergarten teachers give children the gift of lifelong habits for legible handwriting right from the start of their journey as writers.

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Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Matters: Sixteen Frequently Asked Questions

September 1, 2014

A Follow-up to Kindergarten Handwriting Matters! We are delighted with the response to our first article: “Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Matters!” on our new monthly kindergarten blog Joyful Pathways to Accelerated Literacy! This is a follow-up FAQ in response to many emails and questions.

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From Folded Books to Kindergarten Publishing

May 7, 2015

Posted by Nellie Edge on February 20, 2015 I wrote this original document for my kindergarten colleagues — Jaime, Katie, Laura, and Shanda — who are starting the publishing process in April. Because I had so much fun developing it, I decided to share with all of our online community. We hope that even teachers […]

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Positive Discipline in Kindergarten, Nellie Edge

Positive Discipline in Kindergarten: Emotional Intelligence Matters!

October 14, 2015

Posted by Nellie Edge on October 14, 2015 Good Behavior Can and Must Be Taught This was a Professional Development Workshop: See Details! Glimpses of Julia Barto’s classroom: Give unconditional positive regard… Teach children to refocus and change their behavior… Believe they will behave… Teach children to work hard and to be kind… Create joyful pathways […]

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Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Matters! A Preview of Nellie Edge Online Seminar #2

February 10, 2016

Posted by Nellie Edge on February 10, 2016 Fall and Winter Handwriting Tips for Young Writers If handwriting skills are not automatic, it interferes with the whole writing process! Good handwriting skills facilitate rigorous Common Core writing standards: Continue working with each child’s name! Ÿ Have high expectations Ÿ Be intentional Ÿ Create a sense […]

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Joyful Accelerated Literacy with High-Frequency Sight Words: We Call Them “Heart Words!”

February 26, 2016

A Preview of Nellie Edge Online Seminar #3. Among the highest impact strategies documented in our Kindergarten Writing and the Common Core program, our “heart words” strategies are the most powerful for building writing stamina and fluency! Writing “heart word” sentences builds the reading brain.

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Joyful Pathways: A Preview of Nellie Edge Online Seminar #1

January 20, 2016

Posted by Nellie Edge on January 20, 2016 Multisensory ABC and Phonics Immersion: Building the Reading Brain Dramatically increase ABC and phonics skills with multisensory ABC and phonics immersion strategies in the classroom and at home: Sing, Sign and Fingerspell! Consider adding fingerspelling to your current ABC mastery program. Nellie Edge Online Seminars: Seminar #1 […]

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