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Thank You Gifts from Nellie Edge Kindergarten Writing Institute

September 6, 2018
independent writing center tote label

Our job as teachers is to create a feeling of belonging in the kindergarten classroom all year long so children will love coming to school and thrive.

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Keep Joy Alive in Kindergarten

August 22, 2018
How to keep joy alive in the Kindergarten classroom all year long!

Our job as teachers is to create a feeling of belonging in the kindergarten classroom all year long so children will love coming to school and thrive.

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3 Levels of ABC Phonics Mastery: How to Build the Reading and Writing Brain

August 15, 2018
kindergarten classroom lessons

Step-by-Step Strategies for ABC Phonics Mastery in Kindergarten: A Proven Teaching Progression for Optimum Learning (2017)

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Where Can I Get the Best Drawing, Writing, and Word Work Resources?

August 9, 2018

Great Drawing, Writing, and Word Work Resources – Where to Get Them.
As referenced on Nellie Edge Kindergarten Writing Seminars; Updated June 2017.

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Why Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Works: 10 Keys to Success and New Free Resources

August 1, 2018
Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Works

Used as designed within a comprehensive kindergarten writing program, this approach to handwriting instruction dramatically accelerates writing proficiency: The end result is motivated students proudly writing, illustrating, and publishing their own books! 1. Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting practices are consistent with decades of educational research documented by Dr. John Hatti. We give children crystal-clear, achievable learning targets, […]

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Download Our Latest FREE E-Book on TPT!

July 26, 2018
FREE E-Book on TPT! by Nellie Edge

Why Does Kindergarten-Friendly Handwriting Matter? If handwriting motions are not fluent, it interferes with the whole writing process. A multisensory, integrated approach to handwriting is the most time-efficient, inexpensive, and brain-friendly way we know to plant lifelong habits for good handwriting in kindergarten while building stamina and fluency for Writing Workshop! The photo essays in […]

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Weekly Focus: Ten Tips for Teaching Handwriting Grip

July 11, 2018
teaching pencil grip

Two of the foundation skills for kindergarten teachers to introduce during the first busy weeks of school are good handwriting grip and efficient name writing. 1. Determine a child’s handedness. Ask parents. Watch the child with manipulative toys. Notice which hand the child uses to pick up crayons or small pencils. Help parents understand that […]

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How to Have the Best Kindergarten Back-to-School Night Ever: Family Scavenger Hunt Step-by-Step

July 5, 2018
back to school in kindergarten classroom

Families’ first visit to kindergarten is organized, purposeful, and inviting “Sunflower Children” and warm-hearted Katie Nelson welcome each family as they arrive. The environment is carefully prepared to introduce literacy routines and involve Parents as Partners. Children sign in on their first “Name Ticket” with guided help from Mom or Dad. They put their finished […]

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End-of-Year Blogs and Resources from Nellie Edge

June 20, 2018
End-of-Year Blogs and Resources from Nellie Edge

As June days grow warmer, I am celebrating two whole years of blogging. That’s a lot of writing and rewriting! Pinterest? TpT? Another learning curve! In case you missed a blog or two during the busyness of school, I invite you to repin some; read them at your leisure as you ponder best kindergarten practices. […]

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Family Learning Calendar

May 24, 2018

Best Practices for End-of-Year Kindergarten Publishing: All Children Love to Write, Draw and Make Real Books!

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